Festival of Running Results Page


Thank you to everyone who attended the Festival of Running on Sunday 4th August.

What a great day we had!  If you have any feedback for us, feel free to send it over.

The results are in!

1k Race

1st Luca Roberts

2nd Emily Richardson

3rd Rudi Jewell

4th George Banks

5th Tyler Morten

6th KweOgolo Cork

7th Harrison Faulder

8th Alan Jenkinson

9th Brooke Bell

10th Roan Opie

5K Race


1st Bruce Hardy, 2nd Daniel Brew, 3rd Andrew Henderson


1st Debbie Walker, 2nd Helen Thwaite, 3rd Rachel Wilson


Full 5K results can be viewed here 

10K Race


1st Paul Graham, 2nd Matthew Vokes, 3rd Shane Stobbart


1st Lucy Stobbart, 2nd Kate Whitmarsh, 3rd Susan Holliday

Full 10K results can be viewed here