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Dinner Table

Mayors Civic Dinner
Monday 4th March 2024
Waverley Hotel, Workington

Egg Hunter

Easter Trail
Monday 1st April
Vulcan Park
10am to 2pm

Meeting Table

Town Assembly
Wednesday 24th April
Workington Town Council Com' Centre

Stang-up Meeting

Annual Meeting & Mayor Making
Wednesday 15th May 2024
Carnegie Theatre & Arts C Centre

Yoga Pose

Reach Out
Friday 31st May 2024
Vulcan Park
11am to 4pm


Pride Flags

Pride Month - Flag Raising
Monday 3rd June 2024
Workington Town Council Com' Centre

Abstract Flame

Beacon Lighting -
80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings
Thursday 6th June 2024
Vulcan Park

Picnic Tea

Oddsocks Outdoor Theatre
Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd June 2024
Workington Hall
12:30pm and 7pm

Outdoor Family Day

Party In The Park
Saturday 27th July 2024
Vulcan Park
11am to 5pm

Running Shoes

Festival of Running
Sunday 4th August 2024
Reds Ground
10am to 4pm

Sunset over Poppy Field

Remembrance Sunday
Sunday 10th November 2024

9.30am Harrington
2pm Workington

Santa Gathering

Christmas Festival
Saturday 30th November 2024

Town Centre
11am to 5:15pm

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