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Macbeth - Free performance


“A musical brew of laughter and witchcraft!”

Shakespeare’s dramatic story of ambition turned bad is brought vividly to life in Oddsocks’ hilarious Steampunk musical adaptation. The ruling monarch Duncan holds sway with a caring, iron fist. His chief warlords Macbeth and Banquo return triumphantly from the battlefield – and discover three weird sisters who want to Put A Spell On You and soon they are on course for promotions. Awaiting his return is Macbeth’s ambitious wife who can feel success coming In The Air Tonight. Although Macbeth needs convincing she releases the devil within him and soon there’s blood on his hands. Suspicions are roused about Macbeth’s two-faced False Love and Banquo thinks he’s a scummy man because it changes When The Sun Goes Down round here. Pretty soon Macbeth’s feeling Bad To The Bone and he finds a murderer to do his dirty work who tells him there’s Nothing Sweet About Me. But doubt starts to creep in and Macbeth believes there’s a Ghost in my House and Witchcraft starts to take over. Lady Macbeth is slipping into a Mad World and at last, hero Macduff steps up to take on Macbeth, with the audience’s help. The final dramatic battle sees Macbeth dispatched like a Bat Out Of Hell and Scotland is safe again.

Oddsocks Productions have spent over 28 years creating bold, interactive and comedic productions of Shakespeare’s works. This summer they are back on the road with their hugely funny, steampunk and musical Macbeth. Oddsocks has no boundaries when it comes to creating memorable and unique comedy productions of the classics.

Shakespeare’s story of ambition turned bad is brought hilariously to life alongside a soundtrack of classic songs. Oddsocks have set the Scottish Play in a steampunk world of recycled industry; forget what you know about Shakespeare’s tragedy and expect the unexpected.

If you’re curious to see how Oddsocks can turn tragedy to comedy, then Macbeth is not to be missed. Oddsocks’ Artistic Director and playing Macbeth, Andy Barrow says this is “Shakespeare for today. Seriously silly Shakespeare!”

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies and tells the story of greed, witchcraft, murder and mayhem. Although the comedy might not leap off the page, Oddsocks have 28 years’ experience in guaranteeing to provide laughs aplenty!

Andy continues by describing their unique style of performances: “Oddsocks is a theatrical experience for everyone. As actors, we’re putting on a party and everyone is invited. Its theatre that’s highly energetic, full of life and plenty of laughs! It’s Shakespeare, but not as you know it!”

Macbeth can be seen at Workington Hall, Workington on Friday 1st September from 7pm.

For more information and handy hints about the event please visit

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